WP8 - Outreach, Dissemination & Exploitation

The main goal is to promote NAUTILUS and its results as far as and as effectively as possible to all relevant stakeholders and to identify key exploitable results towards the further marketability and emission reduction in maritime transport, mainly in cruise ships.

8.1 WP Leader

8.2 Tasks and Outputs

Webpage, social media interaction, PR messages & videos

  • At the beginning of the project, main communication tools will be created and distributed among partners.
  • Deliverable D8.1 – PR kit – completed.

Workshops and stakeholders’ engagement activities

  • As dissemination towards the appropriate stakeholder audience is crucial, two workshops will be organised to show the achieved results of the project and to show the benefits of the project results.
  • Deliverable D8.3 – Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Research IPR strategy – completed.
  • Deliverable D8.4 – Workbook for public workshop – pending.

IP and positioning development

  • An IPR manager assures IPR strategy and negotiations with Intellectual property offices.
  • Deliverable D8.2 – IPR strategy – completed

Exploitation strategy and support to the technology transfer

  • The goal of this task is to support the patenting and pre-patenting efforts of the industrial partners.
  • Deliverable D8.5 – Exploitation and technology transfer – pending.

8.3 Duration and Status

  • Months 1-48
  • Status – in progress.
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