WP5 - Control Strategy and Grid Connection

A control strategy for the operation of the hybrid genset consisting of a fuel cell system and battery system and its schematic grid connection will be examined and developed under this work package. Specific objectives are the development of a battery management unit (BMU) to operate the battery within a safe operation window, the development of the unitized control unit for the hybrid genset, which contains the control strategy to perform the energy management of the hybrid genset and the schematic integration within the cruise ship’s grid and to the ICEs. 

5.1 WP Leader

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)

5.2 Tasks and Outputs

Battery management unit 

  • The Battery management unit (BMU) ensures that the battery is working within a safe operation window and provides information of the battery system for diagnosis and the control unit. The BMU is an important component of the Genset as it is the central gateway between the battery rack system and the control unit and will be implemented in all test bench variants. 
  • Deliverable D5.1 - Battery management unit from RWTH Aachen – completed
  • Deliverable D5.2 - Final report on battery management unit – completed

Unitized control unit for hybrid genset 

  • The unitized control unit is a central component of the Genset and will be implemented in all test bench variants. To enable dynamic operations, the hybrid genset will need an advanced control strategy that will be developed by the partners lead by RWTH. 
  • Deliverable D5.3 - Unitized control algorithm for hybrid genset and 60 kWe demonstrator – pending 

Integration with on-board grid and internal combustion engine (ICE) 

  • Within the scope of this task the integration with on-board grid and the cruise ship’s ICEs will be investigated. 
  • Deliverable D5.4 - Control interface and integration with ship's electrical and thermal systems – pending

5.3 Duration and Status 

  • Months 1-30 
  • Status –  in progress.
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