Control strategy (WP5)

A Novel Hybrid Propulsion System (Genset) of a Cruise Ship Powered by a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and a Lithium-Ion Battery 13 December 2021
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D5.1 Battery management unit 20 September 2023
D5.2 Report on battery management unit 20 September 2023
D5.3 Unitized control algorithm for hybrid PoC and demonstrator 20 September 2023
EFCF 2022 - Evaluation of a Hybrid SOFC & Battery Genset for Cruise Ship Applications 29 June 2022
Factsheet WP5 - Control Strategy and Grid Connection 28 April 2022
ITEC+EATS 2022 - Development of an Intelligent Energy Management Strategy for a Hybrid Maritime Propulsion System Considering Component Aging 14 June 2022
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WP5 - Control Strategy and Grid Connection 14 February 2022