List of conferences where the NAUTILUS project has been presented.

A Comparative Techno-Economic Assessment of Alternative Fuels in SOFC Systems for Cruise Ships 22 May 2023
Battery Conference - An Energy Management Concept with a Load-Prediction Engine to Improve the Fuel Economy of a Hybrid Maritime Propulsion System 25 March 2022
Battery Conference – Simulating the Temperature Spread within a Li-Ion Battery Module 10 March 2022
Challenges of SOFCs System Application in Marine Power Plant 11 April 2022
Contact 11 July 2022
EFCF - NAUTILUS workshop 21 June 2022
EFCF 2022 - Comparative Thermodynamic Analysis of Marine SOFC System for Alternative Fuels 24 June 2022
EFCF 2022 - Evaluation of a Hybrid SOFC & Battery Genset for Cruise Ship Applications 29 June 2022
Experimental Evaluation of SOFC System Exposed to Marine Inclination Conditions 09 May 2023
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Europe - Developing Technologies to Reduce Carbon Intensity in Air and Water Borne Transport 18 April 2023
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Europe - Sustainable Aviation and Shipping with Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 23 May 2022
ITEC+EATS 2022 - Development of an Intelligent Energy Management Strategy for a Hybrid Maritime Propulsion System Considering Component Aging 14 June 2022
Knowledge for Sustainable Development - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology to Reduce Health and Climate Impacts of Ship Emissions 29 April 2022
LEC Sustainable Shipping Technologies Forum - Electrochemical processes and energy systems Towards Step-wise Emission Reduction of the Marine Transport 03 May 2021
Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Conference 06 October 2022
NAUTILUS - Low Emission Propulsion System for Passengers’ Ships 16 June 2022
NAUTILUS at Transport Research Arena in Dublin 10 April 2024
NAUTILUS Held Its Sixth Project Meeting in a Hybrid Format 11 July 2022
NAUTILUS Project Leaflets 11 November 2021
NAUTILUS Workshop - Potential and challenges of innovative power systems and synthetic fuels for emission reduction in waterborne transport 10 October 2022

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