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Brief description of the Partner

Carnival Maritime is the Marine Service Unit of the Costa Group. It was founded in 2015 to foster communication processes between ship and shore as well as further strengthening collaboration and cross sectional coordination between Carnival Maritime and the brands. In Hamburg, Carnival Maritime brings together the Marine, Technical and HESS expertise of the entire Costa Group including Human Resources Deck & Engine and Technical Procurement.

The Unit provides digital support to the 28 vessels of Costa Crociere, AIDA Cruises and Costa Asia, enabling real time support in risk and crisis management as well as optimized route planning. In founding this Service Unit to enhance safety, the Costa Group is a pioneer in the cruise industry. Additionally, Carnival Maritime assists ship building, maintenance and refurbishment, takes care of trainings, route planning, technical procurement, medical services, support of the nautical and technical staff on board and auditing of the vessels with regard to safety, danger prevention and staff. Through service and innovation, Carnival Maritime enables the brands of the Costa Group to meet the current and future needs of the cruise industry.

The integrated Fleet Operation Center is monitoring and supporting 39 ships of the Carnival Corporation (AIDA Cruises, Costa Asia, Costa Crociere, Cunard Line, P&O Cruises). Carnival Maritime employs more than 300 specialists from 30 different nations. The corporate division is owned by Costa Crociere S.p.A. and is located in Hamburg, Germany.

Role in the Project

In NAUTILUS, as a ship operator and potential applicant of the investigated technology options, CM contributes to WP 2 and WP 7 by providing insight to the operating challenges of a cruise ship. Mainly power and heat demand and associated temperature levels. But also operating restrictions and crew requirements and supporting with the economic evaluation of the technology, by helping to develop a representative framework and to evaluate influencing parameters.